Yuhuan Taichuang Hydraulic Tools Factory
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Hydraulic punching machine 
Hydraulic bending machine 
Hydraulic cutting machine scheduling 
Multi-bus processing machine 
Ping Li bending machine (Combo) 
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Angle Cutting Machine 
Hydraulic pump 
Hydraulic crimping tool 
Hydraulic opening device 
Bus embossing machine 
Hydraulic Rebar Cutter 
Wire rope shears 
Electric Rebar Cutter 
Electric steel bending machine 
Hydraulic Puller 
Hydraulic jacks 
Hydraulic pipe bender 
Hydraulic nut splitters 
Cable Cutter 
Flange separation dilator 
Punch tool 
Cable pulley 
Tight line card line 
Test pump 
Cable Stripper 
Hydraulic Tools Accessories 
Company Profiles
    Sony to Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory is a set design, development, production and sales of hydraulic tools business. The company is located in the beautiful town of Salmonella Industrial Park , Yuhuan County , the park developed transport facilities available.
    Wide range of products mainly including : 1. Multifunction machine bus series ( triple, quadruple , Observing ) 2. Pressure hydraulic electric pump , hand pump , foot pump , fuel pump series .3 hydraulic punching machine series .4 .5 hydraulic bending machine , hydraulic cutting row machine .6 hydraulic crimping machine series 7. opening series 8. bender 9 bus embossing machine . 10 a variety of copper and aluminum terminal crimping pliers .11 .12 cable scissors , hydraulic Rama .13 jack 14. angle Cutting Machine 15 . nuts, flange splitters .16 . various fittings such as a series of hydraulic tools . Products and services in electric power, communication , transportation , mining, metallurgy , petrochemical , shipping and other industries.
    For the development of high-quality hydraulic tools, continue to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad , the company invested heavily in new plant , the purchase of CNC machine tools , machining centers, CNC vertical quenching machines and other advanced equipment. Job -class R & D personnel , the establishment of a high-quality team .
    In product manufacturing processes , in strict accordance with the process card processing and testing . While enterprises in the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification , making enterprise management level and product quality has been improved.
    We always adhere to the " quality first , users first " business principles , the introduction of Europe, America, Japan and other countries of advanced technology , people-oriented , innovation, has introduced high -quality , high-tech products, won the user's favorite. We always adhere to the "customer satisfaction" for the purpose of the Internet as a platform to create " Sony to " Tools brand, sincerely welcome new and old customers letter calls business negotiations
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