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Model:CH-100JF hydraulic punching machine

The purpose and characteristics: CH-100JF new type hydraulic punching machine is the use of recently developeddedicated to thick copper, aluminum row, flat steel, angle steel, channel steel and other metal materials hydraulicpunching punching tool. Mainly used in electric power, transportation, large-scale steel mills, steel structure,bridge, heavy industry, shipbuilding and other industries. The 1 body using forged steel wire cutting, beautiful and durable, will not break. 2 punching speed, positioning accuracy. No noise, no broken chip, operation safe and clean. 3 suitable for field operation or fixed in the factory for mass production. 4 twin oil, oil return speed can be formulated electromagnetic valve, foot switch, convenient, fast, practical. Die by Cr12 after heat treatment quenching and become, stamping resistance, long life. Punching die 5 can be set for a variety of shapes, such as long strip and square. The random distribution of mold accessories: Phi 22, Phi 25, Phi 28, Phi 32 pay four. The rest of the mold to be customized. Output: 100T. The maximum thickness of the steel plate punching: 20mm. Themaximum pore size up to 60mm, elliptic hole length can be up to 70mm in length. The throat depth: 135mm. Theweight: 140kg. The distribution pump: 7.5KW double loop hydraulic electric pump or a petrol pump. Packing: wooden crates.