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Model:CH-60J hydraulic punching machine

We use: CH-60J split hydraulic punching machine is a recently developed for angle steel, iron, copper, aluminum row punching tools, hydraulic flat iron and other metal material punching. Particularly suitable for angle steelpunching below 75. It features: 1 punching speed, positioning accuracy. No noise, no broken chip, operation safe and clean.2. portable, suitable for field work or fixed in the factory for mass production. 3 single hole type oil return. Die made of Cr steel after quenching and heat treatment, stamping resistance, long life. Punching die 4can be made of various shapes, such as elliptical long die etc.. The random distribution of mold accessories: Phi 10.5, Phi 13.8, Phi 17.5, Phi 20.5. Four pay, fixed and six angle wrench each one. The rest of the mold: phi 6, Phi 7, Phi 8, Phi 9, Phi 10, Phi 11, Phi 12, Phi 13, Phi 14, Phi 15, Phi 16, Phi 17, Phi 18 to be customized. The output:31T. The maximum punching thickness: copper, aluminum: Fe: 6mm 10mm. The throat depth: 95mm. The weight: 13.5kg. The distribution pump: a manual hydraulic pump, pedal hydraulic pump, electric hydraulic pump. According to the needs of their own choice, the user. The packaging: wooden box