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Model:SYK-22-1 hydraulic perforator

The use of SYK-22 1 features: split hydraulic perforator is a separated hydraulic tool hole in the metal plate on the2mm below, can play the role of general stamping equipment cannot reach the hole effect. It has the advantages of simple operation, labor saving, fast speed of processing, surface smooth, not space, position limit, can be used,safe and reliable. At the same time, light structure, beautiful appearance, easy to carry. For metallurgy, petroleum,chemical, electronics, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries to install the repairelectrical conduit, indicating lamp, meter switch opening, instrument panel bottom is more suitable for molded,switch box junction electrical box wall openings for. The method of use: 1 choose a good corresponding punchingdie from top to bottom, and installed. 2 will be placed in the die workpiece, closed hydraulic knob, repeatedly pushhandle, until the extrusion hole so far. 3 according to loosen counterclockwise oil return valve, the hydrauliccomplete uninstall. The appendix: standard die optionally a pay: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28. Openingmould can be customized in various shapes. The packaging: plastic suitcase. The technical parameters: 1 type:SYK-221. The 2 output (T): 12T. 3 stroke: 36mm. 4 hole plate maximum thickness: 2mm. 5 with a manual hydraulic pump or electric hydraulic pump. Spacing module 6: 20mm.