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Model:CO-60SSplit hydraulic crimping machine

◆ Use : CO-60S Split hydraulic crimping machine ( large tonnage ) is a recently developed efficient and practical hydraulic crimping tool. It is driven by the hydraulic power up the lower mold , when the upper and lower mold contact , crimping is complete. For more than 110KV overhead Tension casing, as well as underground cable crimping .
◆ Features : 1. Largest steel and aluminum terminal bushing is Φ55mm, the largest steel casing is Φ36mm, crimp wide, the number of small , controlled elongation, reduce deformation . 2 double acting hydraulic cylinder to prevent spring fatigue arising reset slow. Reset time can be shortened while the piston . 3 rotary mold cover can be quickly opened and closed, the loading mode positioning easier.
◆ With pump : with single hose hydraulic electric pump or manual pump .
◆ with mold : aluminum mold : 26,28,30,32,34,36,40,45 . Steel : 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24 . Random with a pair of dies .
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ Technical parameters: 1. Output (T): 60T. 2 . Crimping capacity (mm): Φ16-Φ55. 3. Piston stroke (mm): 22. 4. Dimensions (mm): 340X140. 5. Weight (kg): 21.5.