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Model:SYB-2.5Test pump

◆ Uses and characteristics: SYB-2.5/6.3 small metal box is self-developed test pump hydraulic testing equipment, mainly used for all kinds of pressure vessels, piping, boilers, bottles, valves, fire equipment, laboratories, underwater tests the high-pressure test. This series of products have been used in aerospace and defense-related research has been applied to major development projects, such as high pressure burst test, deep sea pilot, space technology, high temperature and pressure test, shaped tube testing, etc., for the development of China's major scientific research projects have made significant contributions. The pump is compact, stable output pressure, low energy consumption, easy to carry, easy to maintain.
◆ Main technical parameters: 1. Pressure: 2.5/6.3MPa. (2) Flow: 10L.. 3 Weight: 3.5kg.