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Model:FCY-100200Large-tonnage hydraulic jacks

◆ Uses and characteristics: FCY-100200 electric large-tonnage series of hydraulic jacks, engineering and technical personnel is summarized by years of practical experience, designed to develop high-power, large-tonnage hydraulic jacks. Novel structure, selection of high quality, long life and easy maintenance. An ordinary jack upgrade and replacement products. Chrome-plated plunger, hydraulic retraction, overflow functional limitations itinerary, designed with safety packing device to prevent sudden overpressure, safe and reliable. Very suitable for electric power, roads, railways, bridges, shipbuilding, steel and other industries.
◆ to be equipped with large flow of high pressure hydraulic dual-circuit electric pump.
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ technical parameters: 1. Output: 100T. 2 Working stroke: 200mm. 3 Piston head: Φ103.6mm. 4 Body Height: 301mm. 5 Diameter: Φ179mm. 6 Diameter: Φ135mm.