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Model:FCY-20100Short hydraulic jacks

◆ Uses and characteristics: FCY-20100 Long stroke electric hydraulic jack, is summarized by the engineering and technical personnel years of practical experience, designed to develop a longer stroke hydraulic jacks. Novel structure, selection of high quality, long life and easy maintenance. An ordinary jack upgrade and replacement products. Chrome-plated plunger, beautiful and durable. Very suitable for electric power, roads, railways, bridges, shipbuilding, steel and other industries.
◆ to be equipped with electric hydraulic pump used.
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ technical parameters: 1. Output: 20T. (2) Working stroke: 100mm. 3 Diameter: Φ89mm. 4 diameter: Φ65mm. 5 Body Height: 160mm. 6 Piston head: Φ52mm