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Model:DFPY-20Multi-section hydraulic jacks

◆ Use: DFPY-20 multi-section hydraulic jack is designed and developed in recent years, portable multi-section hydraulic jack, ideal for tight spaces, while longer trips where the job requires. Widely used in electric power, communication, machinery, bridges, steel and other industries.
◆ Features: Lightweight multi-section design, easy to apply. Single-acting, spring retraction. 2 surface paint, enhanced corrosion resistance. A dust ring, reduce pollution and prolong life. 3 tank top with two holes for fixing jack to use.
◆ with pump: with manual hydraulic pump or electric pump use.
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ technical parameters: 1. Output: 20T. 2 Working stroke: 26mm. 3 Storage capacity: 41CC. 4 Body Height: 52mm. 5 Elongation total height: 80mm. 6 OD x flat side: Φ100x77. 7. Weight: 2.4kg