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Model:XD-520AHand Cable Cutter

◆ Uses and characteristics: XD-520A is the latest development of sophisticated manual ratchet cable cutter, widely used in electric power, telecommunications, hardware, boating and other industries. For copper, aluminum cable, wire rope, steel cut is the most time-saving, labor-saving, safe and efficient the ideal tool. Features: 1. Mechanical afterburner principle, retractable handle, both shear and effort, and easy to carry. 2 blade made ​​of high quality alloy steel, high strength, shear resistance, blade grinding, can be replaced. 3 handle with rubber sheath can withstand 5KV.
◆ Use: optional good fit severed cable. Cut, the first move clockwise rotating blade, clamp cable, shake the handle back and forth until the blade cut the cable, complete shear.
◆ Maintenance and precautions: This product is structured, you need someone to keep non-percussion and collisions.
◆ Packing: canvas bag.
◆ Technical parameters:


Cut range(mm)

Length dimension(mm)



1.φ8-φ16 rope。

2.φ10mm following rebar.

3.600mm less steel core aluminum hinge line, 32mm below Copper aluminum hinge line.


Lengthened 425mm