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Model:ZHH-700ABDElectric hydraulic pump

◆ Structure Uses : ZCB-700ABD1.5 double-loop high flow electric hydraulic pump is combined with years of experience in independent research and development of a new type of hydraulic power pumps , double acting hydraulic equipment can be used as the driving force , capable of lifting, pressure type , punching , bending , bending row , straightening , cutting, assembly, disassembly and many work . Double-loop supply , to avoid spring return slow and out of synchronization , convenient, improve work efficiency. Mainly equipped for dual- action hydraulic tools , such as: dual circuit hydraulic punching machines, hydraulic crimping pliers, hydraulic jacks . The pumps are single -phase or three-phase asynchronous motors , solenoid valves switch, high pressure pumps , tanks , tubing and other components. High speed, high pressure, light weight , simple structure , easy to use and so on. The pump switch is used to control the solenoid valve double acting cylinder, the cylinder piston up and down movement , punching and retreat materials .
◆ Features: The pump is designed with high and low two out of oil , 1.5KW motor , high speed , high efficiency, high pressure . Using pressure safety overload protection device , to avoid overload damage. Meanwhile a pressure gauge, can be observed at any pressure change when working . Tubing connector with PT3 / 8 " teeth .
◆ Weight : 40kg.
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ technical parameters:



Rated working pressure

High pressure:70MPa Low:7MPa


High pressure:1.7L/min Low:10L/min

Motor Power



380 V



Oil storage capacity