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Model:EP-410HSeparate hydraulic crimping pliers

◆ Use Features EP-410H split crimping pliers is the recent development of efficient and practical hydraulic crimping tool. It is driven by the hydraulic power up the lower mold, when the upper and lower mold contact, crimping is complete. Suitable for transmission and distribution of all kinds of indoor and outdoor projects copper and aluminum terminals, cable lugs, cable clamps, overhead strain casing, as well as underground cable crimping. 1 crimping wide, the number of small, controlled elongation, reduce deformation. 2 single-acting hydraulic power, easy to apply.
◆ With pump: with single-acting hydraulic electric pump or manual pump.
◆ Packaging: metal box.
◆ Technical parameters: 1. Output (T): 12T. 2. Crimping capacity (mm2) :16-300. 3. Piston stroke (mm): 32. 4. Dimensions (mm): Length 210.5. Weight (kg): 4.3. 6. Standard mold: 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300 mm2