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Model:SWG-25Manual pipe bender

◆ Uses and characteristics: SWG-25 manual pipe bender, in recent years the development of suitable conditions in the cold bending thin-walled low pressure fluid pipe bending machine. Such as brass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel pipe. The machine structure is simple, easy to operate, curved arc smooth surface, no deformation and wrinkles. Widely used in construction, chemical, plumbing, oil, coal, shipbuilding and other industries. Random with Φ10, Φ12, Φ14, Φ16, Φ19, Φ22, Φ25 seven kinds of pipe molds. Such as pipes of different specifications can be customized mold
◆ Usage: ⑴. First, a fixed base. ⑵. Depending on the size of the child to select the desired bending dies and rollers. ⑶. Headgear into the base axis of the first die and then set into the shaft of the bracket 2, the roller 4 blocks into place by bolts 12 sets fixed. ⑷. Shake plate to the bracket 11, and then insert the tube bending dies and rollers between the adjusting nut so that die, tubes, three wheel fit securely. Then turn the handle to be bent.