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Model:HYB-150BHydraulic embossing machine

◆ Use: HYB-150B Bus embossing machine is the latest development of hydraulic bus embossing machine for copper and aluminum bus junction flatten, embossing, enhanced conductivity, extended maintenance cycles.
◆ Features: 1 crimping shape after deformation, no glitches. (2) using plug-in architecture, copper and aluminum row force can ensure uniformity. 3 single-loop hydraulic design, large output, high efficiency.
◆ be equipped with hydraulic pump (choose which one kind): hand pump, foot pump, hydraulic electric pump.
◆ Packing: wooden box.
◆ technical parameters: 1. Applicable bus (mm): 150X12.5. 2. Working load (T): 55T. 3 Working stroke (mm): 30. 4. Dimensions (mm): 300X290X510. 5. Weight (kg): 45.