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Model:VHB-403Four bus machine

◆ Product Description : VHB-403 Quad bus machine is combined with many years of experience designing and development of a new, efficient multi- bus machine . For electric power, telecommunications, railways, petrochemicals , shipping and other industries, suitable for transmission and distribution in a large workshop and site construction work , as well as power distribution cabinets and switchgear and other electrical factory use . For busbar cutting, punching , bending , vertical bending four bit processing , easy to operate , saving time , high production efficiency .
◆ Main structure: This product is made with solenoid valve hydraulic electric pump , CH-70 punching machine , CWC-150 cut row machine , CB-125D Combo flat, vertical bending row machine, workbench , switch , etc. components .
1. Electric hydraulic pump : single phase , 220V, rated working pressure : 70MPa.2.CH-70 punching machine : Output 35T, Throat depth : 110mm, maximum thickness of copper processing 12mm, standard with mold : Φ10 .5, Φ13.8, Φ17.5, Φ20.5 four pay , another can be customized party mode and a long strip of the mold. 3.CWC-150 cut row machine : 20T, processing capacity : copper 150mm wide X10mm thick. 4.CB-125D Combo flat, vertical bending machine : Capacity : 125mm Width X12.5 mm thick , angle 0-90 degrees , with a die set .
◆ Usage: First, the product is ready to be processed , installed the appropriate die each station , open the hydraulic electric pump, the workpiece into the mold cavity , rotating four -position switch to specify a station , with a foot or hand on the switch to work , after the completion of the work goes to the next station . ◆ Flow table size : 850mmX750mmX1100mm ◆ Weight : 220kg ◆ Packing : wooden box