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Model:MP-150Hydraulic punching machine

◆ Uses and characteristics: MP-150 is based on customer needs, the recently developed split hydraulic punching machine is mainly used for copper and aluminum row width, angle, channel, iron and other metal materials washed Dazhen diameter holes.
1. Maximum Punching diameter Φ40mm. Distance from the edge of the center hole is not limited.
2. Punching speed, no dry sound, no chips, operating safe and clean.
3. easy to carry, suitable for field work or fixed at the factory for mass production.
4. single-hole oil, spring return. Mold is made from heat treated high carbon chromium steel, stamping resistance, long life.
5. could be set for a variety of shapes punching mold, such as a long strip and square.
◆ Accessories: comes standard with Φ10.5, Φ13.8, Φ17.5, Φ20.5 four pay. The rest of the mold to be customized.
◆ Output: 35.
◆ Maximum Punching Thickness: Copper: 10mm; iron: 8mm.
◆ mold base width: 150mm.
◆ Size: 350x245x110.
◆ Weight: 27kg.
◆ With Pump: ZCB-700B hydraulic electric pump, or CP-700 manual hydraulic pump.
◆ Packing: wooden box