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Model:MHP-20Electric hydraulic punching machine

◆ Uses and characteristics: MHP-20 electric hydraulic punching machine is mainly used for copper, aluminum row, flat steel, angle steel channel steel and other metal materials, hydraulic punching tool. Punching positioning accuracy, speed, no dry sound, no chips, safe and clean operation. Easy to carry, suitable for field operations or fixed in the factory for mass production.
◆ technical parameters: 1. voltage: 220/110V. (2) No-load power: 830/900w. 3 Throat depth: 110mm. 4 Weight: 12 kg. 5. Punching diameter: Φ4-Φ20.5mm. 6 Punching speed :2-3s. 7 Punching thickness: 6mm. 8 Packaging: tin packaging, outer layer of corrugated packaging. 9 Machine size 500x195x100mm. 10 Packing size 545x310x180mm.