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Model:CH-80Hydraulic punching machine

◆ Uses and characteristics: CH-80 hydraulic punching machine is developed in recent years for thick copper, aluminum row, flat steel, angle steel and other metal materials, hydraulic punching tool.
1. punching fast, accurate positioning. No dry sound, no chips, operating safe and clean.
2. Easy to carry, suitable for field work or fixed at the factory for mass production.
3. holes back to the oil, oil return speed. Mold using chrome steel after heat treatment, resistance to stamping, long life.
4. can produce various shapes of punching die.
◆ Accessories: random with mold Φ16, Φ18, Φ22, Φ25 four pay. The rest of the mold to be customized.
◆ Output: 50T
◆ Maximum punching thickness: copper, aluminum: 16mm; iron: 13mm
◆ Throat depth: 115mm
◆ Weight: 40kg
◆ With Pump: dual circuit hydraulic electric pump or fuel pump
◆ Packing: wooden box