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CH-50KB red light hydraulic punching machine

Application: the cutting body CH-50KB hydraulic punching machine is a hydraulic punching tool, which is recently developed in accordance with the needs of the users, and is used for punching the holes of metal materials, such as large holes and big centers. Characteristics: the 1. punching body is made of raw steel by cutting tempering heat treatment line, high strength, durable, and will never deform and crack. 2. tonnage: 35T, the thickness of the maximum punching steel plate 4, the maximum diameter of the piercing diameter, the diameter of the throat is 500, the hollow height is 300, the distance between the upper and lower mould is 50, the lower die surface is 100 from the inner bottom, the center of the red light is fixed, the double loop punching, the elastic glue retreats fast. 3. no dryness, no chip, safe and clean operation. 4. accurate positioning, easy installation, suitable for mass production in fixed plant. 5. die is heat treated and quenched, stamping resistance and long service life. 6. can make various shapes of punching die. Accessories: it is randomly allocated to die 10.5, 13.8, 17.5, 20.5, four, and the rest moulds need to be customized. Weight: 80kg. Equipped with pump: Double tubing hydraulic electric pump. Packing: wooden case.

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