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Car repairs should use what tools?

Vehicle maintenance has its own special tools. According to SONY hydraulic tools that commonly used special tools to spark plug sleeve, piston ring, loading and unloading of nipper plier, valve spring loading and unloading, grease gun, one thousand jins, etc. Choose good tools, coupled with the right method, do the daily maintenance of cars should not be difficult.

(a) the spark plug socket Spark plug socket for disassembling the engine spark plug. Socket hex for edge size is 22 ~ 26 mm, used to assemble 14 mm and 18 mm spark plug; Socket hex on edge of 17 mm, spark plug is used to assemble 10 mm.

(2) piston ring loading and unloading of pliers Piston ring loading and unloading of engine piston ring clamp is used for loading and unloading, avoid the piston ring stress is not uniform and broken. SONY for hydraulic tool said, when using piston ring loading and unloading of pliers to get stuck in piston ring, shake hands handle gently, slowly shrink, piston ring is slowly open, the piston ring into or out of the ring grooves.

(3) the valve spring loading and unloading of pliers Discharge valve spring clamp is used for loading and unloading valve spring. When used, the jaw contraction to the minimum position, insert the valve spring seat, then rotate handle. Left hand pressed firmly forward, make the jaw against spring seat, loading and unloading after aerobic locks (pin), in the opposite direction spin valve spring loading and unloading of the handle, remove the loading and unloading of pliers.

(4) grease gun Grease gun for all lubricating points filling grease, composed of nozzle, pressure valve, plunger, oil hole, rod head, lever, spring, piston rod, etc. Using a grease gun, grease is little regiment regiment into oil cylinder, air. Tighten the cover can be used after decoration. For nozzle filling grease, coping is nozzle, shall not be skewed. If he is not feed, should stop filling, check whether the nozzle is blocked.

(5) jack Jack has screw one thousand jins, hydraulic jacks and hydraulic lifter. Hydraulic jack commonly used car. Jack lifting force of 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, etc. Hydraulic jack for lifting cars and other heavy objects. Its structure by the top piece, screw, oil cylinder, oil cylinder, shaking the handle, oil pressure plunger and plunger cylinder, in and out of the oil valve, oil valve, screw and shell, etc. SONY for hydraulic tool called using jack, using triangular wood pad good car; When used on soft road should be padded under the jack wood; With weight lifting, jack should be vertical to is; One thousand jin before a prison and retreat, ban work under the car. Switch is tighten, use jack, first put good jack, for being the top position, handle, will clog up. When jack falling, will switch slowly unscrew, weight will gradually decline.