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"After the storm, whether rainbow" car rain tips

Car afraid of wind and rain ? Rain car without maintenance ? If you have this idea, you're wrong . Encounter a rainy day , we must protect these critical parts of the car , do not let yourself Bensi on the road ! Fast stamp "top right" circle of friends to share the benefit of more friends !

   Car before the rainy season , it is best to check the wiper, wiper switch can be placed in position at various speeds , to observe whether the wiper at work will produce a shock or an abnormal sound , but whether there will be attention wiper speed when uneven and swing.

    Be careful throttle muddy water

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand , after a rainstorm , the usual rolling sand soil surface , tend to become muddy , travel difficult. In case the owner drove into the muddy water , do not the temerity to step on the gas , otherwise the drive wheels will make the car bogged down . In this case the absence of a jack or other things when the wheel pad , you can let go of the amount of gas skidding tires , the tire pressure to be reduced, the natural increase in contact area of the tire . Subsequently , it should then slowly refueling, basic can pass.

    When the car wading , to ensure the normal operation of the engine , steering and brake mechanism sensitive, hanging low gear smoothly moved into the water, avoid the dash to prevent the splash of water into the engine and stall. Also hold the throttle while driving , try to avoid the middle of the shift or sharp turns, such as underwater quicksand , the wheel slippage , to immediately stop, can not pedal to the metal . In case the engine does not stall , you can launch the car to go through human avoid deeper.

    Water too deep to try to detour

    Engine and exhaust conservation rainstorm car is very important, because the engine 's air filter is an important component of the entire car , in the rain , the air filter is easy to water. He also believes that many vehicles air filter from the ground is very low, the road passes through the water , once the water , it may lead to severe mechanical accident , and likely to cause rod bent , pound cylinder and so on, this will so is the heart of the car engine scrap, unnecessary loss to the owners .

    In addition, to remind owners driving , be sure to pay attention to the depth of the water , not reckless . After parking in a timely manner to wipe the rain on the engine , check the alternator belt for cracks , so to shorten the life of the car . After the deep water areas , the exhaust pipe of the car will be dipped in water , exhaust pipe flooded the car will not start . Therefore, when the water is too deep across the road , should be detour if not round, a rubber pipe can be used to exhaust the spout facing upward so that water can not enter the exhaust pipe .

    Rain, air humidity, brake fluid absorbs moisture easily . Some of the more serious brake fluid suction vehicles , brake fluid will be able to see the drops of oil on the lid . Since the vast majority of car braking system vacuum assisted dual circuit hydraulic brake , brake fluid passing braking force is extremely absorbent . If water enters the brake fluid in the braking process, the friction heat generated causes the vaporized water , and the gas is compressible , the brake fluid is compressed , it will cause Zhidongshiling even failure . Once the brake fluid absorbent serious , should be sent to a professional repair shop in addition to water .

    Do not repeatedly stalled suddenly start

    According to Sony learned to hydraulic tools , heavy rain season due to wet weather , is likely to cause the vehicle's ignition system to produce leakage, the phenomenon appears difficult to start the engine . You can use a dry paper towel or dry cloth to distribution boards and wires and other internal and external dry . If you do not turn off the road in the engine suddenly starts again , you should wait for some time off or check the circuit , or they may easily cause engine scrapped. Rain car often wading , wading when the car passed , it is timely for circuit equipment maintenance.

    Because the chassis closer to the ground , are particularly vulnerable to rust, so be sure to pay attention to the car chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment . Chassis maintenance generally done by professional automotive repair center , the whole process takes about 30 minutes. Do a chassis rust treatment , rust can be kept for three months or longer.

    After rain washed to promptly wash

    Reporters learned that the rainy vehicles are particularly prone to failure. Humid air and rain battered the test vehicle , if the vehicle situation occurs, should be timely maintenance to prevent "hangover ." Some owners may think it is a good opportunity to rainy car wash . In fact, because now the chances of acid rain is not small , but has a corrosive effect of acid rain on the finish . So after being rain washes , car wash must be timely , clear influence of acidic substances.

    " Because the chassis closer to the ground , are particularly vulnerable to rust, so be sure to pay attention to the car chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment . Chassis maintenance generally done by professional automotive repair centers. Generally the first step is to clean , and then rust treatment , the whole process It takes about 30-40 minutes continuous . doing a chassis rust treatment , rust can be kept for three months or even longer . " in addition, for a long time on the slippery road , the car chassis lubricant easily be washed rain away, so the chassis more easily adsorbed mud and dirt , and even the chassis rust, seriously endanger the life of the vehicle .

    Do not give the car stormy day " dress "

    "Now , many car owners have to put a ' sewing ' habits, hoping to reduce the external environment on the surface of the vehicle causing damage. Indeed, when sunny , ' sewing ' indeed there is dust, sunscreen , anti- acid rain and other effects, but when the wind and rain , ' sewing ' but might be interested in the car to bring greater harm . " when the wind blows , " sewing " is often slapping the body under the action of the wind , causing damage to the paint . In addition, if there is sand is blown " sewing " the often draw numerous small scratches on the car body , so that protection is also often worth the candle.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand , "car body paint has always been protective shell of the car , and acid rain components have a corrosive effect on paint , over time will cause damage on the body , and therefore more rain season, the best time to give your car paint maintenance performed a simple and effective method is waxing , more permanent and more effective is the closure of the glaze , both to prevent paint fade aging , thereby protecting the body does not hurt . "

    Open air heater can remove mildew smell

    " After the rain the wind often have air conditioning moldy taste , in order to eliminate the smell , there is a simple method is to warm the air conditioner to maximum , take turns using a variety of wind patterns , blowing about 15 minutes. when air-conditioning work , the outlet temperature can reach 40 ℃ to 50 ℃, therefore , the air inside can evaporate about hot flashes , remove mildew . " Mr. Yu told reporters , moisture in the car , the one case the weather cleared , open four windows, let some air convection inside the car , the sun was hot inside the body will quickly exclude moisture .