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Large living Hydraulic Metal Gadgets Better Life

  Replacement of furniture raw materials driven finished furniture innovation, raw aesthetics, functionality directly affect the value of furniture, furniture industry revolution, often starting from raw materials.

  Hydraulic damping hardware products are only a small part of the furniture, but they appear significance is no trivial matter, modern life, no matter how they change products, there is a common purpose: to make life more comfortable and more beautiful.

  Small parts, large living

  Some hardware accessories furniture often becomes a performance of the main stakeholders, hardware accessories are usually inexpensive, occupy a very small proportion of furniture prices, but the effect of the whole piece of furniture, but should not be overlooked.

  For example, a number of small metal cabinet body parts, determines the opening and closing of the whole cabinet, storage and other functions, and their life expectancy is substantially determines the life of the whole cabinet. Because of this, they became an important part of modern furniture in the cabinet material occupies an extremely important position, directly affect the quality and use of integrated cabinets feature.

  Junction with the cabinet door hinge, drawer slide rail is one of the more important parts, although only a small inconspicuous object, but its functionality has a direct impact on people's lives, their quality, have a direct impact to the entire life the quality of the cabinet door. Statistics show that in people's lives hinge switch more than 10 times a day on average, the average family used hinges, slides over 100, so the hinges, slides so seemingly insignificant gadget looks impossible only a supporting role.

  With the maturing of consumer behavior, in the purchase of furniture, color and style are no longer the only consideration, the choice of furniture hardware accessories has become a key consideration.

  Damping technology is used in furniture

  What kind of hardware accessories regarded as a good product? What kind of products will be welcomed by consumers? No matter how life changes, those that continue to apply new technologies, following the change in lifestyle, and even lead people toward healthier, more comfortable life products, naturally more vitality.

  Damping technology applied to metal products is leading people toward healthy living a typical example. In fact, the damping technology revolution can be said that the key to many industries, such as in the furniture manufacturing industry. The so-called damping, is to make a variety of free vibration damping effect of friction and other obstructions. Placed in the structural system and the "special" member may provide resistance to movement, the kinetic energy depletion device called dampers.

  The use of energy-absorbing shock damping is not a new technology, aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automotive and other industries has long been applied to a variety of dampers vibration energy dissipation. Statistics show that in the 1970s, people began to gradually transfer these dampers used in buildings, bridges, railways and other structural engineering, and its development is very rapid, especially with fifty years of history of hydraulic viscous damping devices in the United States before being accepted structural engineering, has experienced a large number of experiments in the process, people are constantly testing, strict examination and repeated demonstration, producing a wide variety of large or small damper, use a wide variety of industries inside.

  In the field of furniture what is it? The most widely hinge and slide areas. In order to secure the door when closed cabinet, light, people design a lot of damping device, such as a closed-door installed in the cabinet or concealed door closers damping dampers, however, these dampers need to use screws in the cabinet on the not affect the appearance is the installation process is complicated, difficult to use. Thus, some of the hinge as one resulting in the damping apparatus.

  A big role in the hydraulic damping device

  Furniture Hardware damping hydraulic damping hinge is the use of technology, under normal circumstances, when we close the door, it will issue a "bang", noisy, and not only affects everyday life, long-term impact will be used to shorten the cabinet life.

  To avoid this, a small hydraulic shock absorber can be a big help.

  With such a buffer called hydraulic damper hinge hinge. In simple terms, it is the liquid cushioning properties, before the collision of the two objects have a certain buffer time. The structure comprises bearing, door pockets, a buffer, connecting block, connecting rod, and a torsion spring, etc., the buffer end hinged on a carriage, the intermediate connecting piece hinged to the support on the side of the door hinge box, on the other side and the buffer rod articulated; connecting blocks, connecting rods, bearings, door pockets to form a four-bar linkage; buffer contains a piston, a housing, a piston, the piston is provided with a through-hole and the hole. When the piston rod when the piston moves to drive the liquid through the through-hole from the side of the other side of the flow, and thus play a buffer role.

  It is possible to close the door to a certain extent, has begun to slowly close, minimize the impact effect of the formation of comfort when closed, even if the force to close off will be gentle, to ensure perfect movement, soft quiet. Such hydraulic damping assembly hinge makes furniture look more upscale, to reduce the impact and effect of the formation of closed comfort, but also to ensure the ability to prolonged use, it is also no need for excessive maintenance.

  In fact, the hydraulic damping hardware products contained far more than one kind of hinges, furniture products, damping hinge, buffer rails, floor springs, door closers, sliding door damper, damping hinge, toilet lid damping buffer device, cabinets strut, the seat lifter, rigid seat back locking adjuster, lifting tables, lifting coffee, etc. are of the core hardware. That is, all in the furniture industry in translation, slides, moving, supporting, stretching, lifting, rotating the core component of a metal sealing technology known hydraulic parts are metal.


  Humane buffer design, making another big force closing door or drawer, can be in the closed end of the play the role of impact protection and silencers. Undoubtedly, these comfortable life based on product design, the future will gradually welcomed by consumers.

  According to industry point of view, you can determine the damping technology innovation capabilities represent the future development trend of cabinet hardware, hydraulic damping hinge, buffer rails are considered existing ordinary hinge, slide the replacement products, and even become an existing product revolution. Many hardware companies see this, so have on the line, put hydraulic damping hardware products.

  No matter how they change product should be of a higher quality of life services. More and more consumers seeking high-quality home life, not just the pursuit of beauty furniture appearance, powerful functionality as important, it is for the furniture hardware accessories also put forward higher requirements.