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Optional pneumatic wrench

Pneumatic wrench is always fit ratchet wrench and electric tools, Sony to hydraulic tool called is mainly for providing high torque output with minimum consumption oftools. It can be widely used in many areas, currently on the market brand pneumatic tools, many kinds of functions. The user in pneumatic tools when the choose and buy, performance was at a loss, especially for non professional users,did not come into contact with tools, single depend on some parameters is also very difficult to make a decision. So Xiaobian to rookie level tool users about popular pneumatic tools to buy common sense and daily tool maintenance knowledge.

Sony to hydraulic tools to understand the choice of pneumatic wrench is the first to consider the need to tighten the bolt size, which is to determine the wrenchspecifications; secondly, the user according to their own needs, determine the buycivil or industrial grade (civil class is usually a family car use, the supermarket can buy; and industrial grade is mainly the assembly line or auto repair factory use);again, the user must determine to buy foreign brands or domestic brands based on frequency of use and their economic capacity; finally to determine whether there is a need for accurate control of torque, if need to choose a fixed torque pneumatic impact wrench.

Sony to hydraulic tools tell you use maintenance tips:

Tools, instructions for use carefully read and follow all safety rules;

Need a supply system correctly, so long-lasting durability;

Do not dismantle tool parts, damaged tools do not say, may cause the human body safety;

Once the use of tool failure, can not achieve the original function, do not use,should immediately check;

Wrench to need maintenance, timely add lubricant.