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Teach you how to correct maintenance of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are generally small, the utility model has the advantages ofconvenient use, not loss, more important is to save money. Sony to hydraulic toolcalled pneumatic tool service life is very long, but if use mode and maintenance mode is not correct you'll find out your pneumatic tools often trouble with this or that. The emergence of this situation a lot of people are complaining of this and that, but the strange thing is that few people complain about their even if they areworn out, in order not to complain should correct learning pneumatic toolsmaintenance knowledge of pneumatic tools.

According to the gas Sony to hydraulic tools learned of pneumatic tool supply: 90PSI (6.2Bar) of the clean, dry air supply tools. High pressure can quickly reducethe tool life. The components, appropriate size marked with tools in the chart of the catheter and hose connection tool. If the use of air pressure regulator, air pressureis arranged on an output pressure 0.62MPA.

Pneumatic tools use specific steps, the pneumatic tool is connected with the air line. A good set of air pressure. Online air production must be set to air lubricating oil unit, if the air lubricating oil unit is not qualified or not, should be the followingtools to carry out routine maintenance: after working 3 to 4 hours of continuous,separate from the air inlet and air source tools, tool drops 7-8 drops of high puritylight machine oil low viscosity, and then link the trachea, open source the oil into the cylinder, blowing. The user and the work intensity conditional comparison of full load, suggested adding small oiler in the air inlet joint. Usually 30-40 days require regular drainage, air compressor and the oil-water separator for removing impurities and maintenance, to ensure that the tool into the air clean and dry.

Sony to hydraulic tools tell you of pneumatic tool use of advantages: easy to obtain, and the working gas pressure is low, local discharge air can be used,without recovery of pipeline; gas viscosity is small, the flow resistance loss is small,convenient centralized gas supply and long distance conveying; pneumatic actuating element movement speed is high; the pneumatic system the ability to adapt to the environment, can be in a wide temperature range, reliable operation in wet and dusty environments, a slight leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion danger, the use of safety; simple structure and convenientmaintenance, low cost; pneumatic components of long life; pneumatic actuatoroutput ratio of hydraulic, moves fast, strong adaptability, flammable, explosive, inmulti sink, damp, the impact of the bad environment, no environmental pollution,long service life, simple structure, easy maintenance, low price.

Sony to hydraulic tool called pneumatic tools series: air pressure generating device_ air compressors; pneumatic actuator; pneumatic control components _ used to control the working medium pressure, flow and flow mode to make the implementation of components needed to complete the motion law of elements,such as pressure, flow and direction control valve and a variety of logic elementetc. the sensing element and a switching element; the controlled parameterdetected and into Qigong sensing element pressure signal and the gas signal with electro-hydraulic signal interchangeable components; pneumatic accessories _including air purifying components, lubrication, element is connected and mufflingelement.