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The working principle of hydraulic wrench

Sony to hydraulic tool called a hydraulic torque wrench (hydraulictorquewrench,referred to as the hydraulic wrench) is using hydraulic pressure as power, to provide high torque output, for professional bolt tightening tool for mounting and dismounting bolt, often used to remove loose bolt tightening and more than an inch. Hydraulic torque wrench is the maximum output torque is 110000Nm, not only improves the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, but also greatly improvethe quality of the installation, but also conducive to the site safety management.

According to the using range of Sony to hydraulic tools learned hydraulic wrench is very extensive. In ship engineering, petrochemical, construction, electric power,mine, construction, metallurgy industries such as maintenance, repair work,mounting and dismounting hydraulic wrench for bolts with large specifications are a kind of important tool. With other tools is irreplaceable. Not only has the advantages of convenient use and light, and the torque is huge and very accurate.Torque repetition precision is about 3%. According to statistics, in the equipment operation faults in about 50% because of problems caused by the number of bolts,and at the same time, because of the bolt caused major equipment failure is also very alarming, therefore in the equipment installation, maintenance and repairprocess of gun, the bolt fastening and disassembly of the moment in the greater part of cases are more stringent requirements, while using artificial method isdifficult to meet the requirements of the. Provide high specifications of the torquefor bolts, hydraulic wrench is the ideal choice.

Hydraulic torque wrench is composed of a working head, hydraulic pump, high pressure oil pipe. Through a high pressure pipe, the hydraulic pump to transfer power to the working head, driving the work head rotating nut tightening or loosening. The hydraulic pump can be driven by electricity or compressed air.

The working head Sony to hydraulic tool called a hydraulic wrench is mainly composed of three parts, the framework (also called shell), cylinder andtransmission parts. Cylinder, the piston rod of the oil cylinder and the transmissionpart motion pair, the cylinder center to center distance transmission components ofthe hydraulic wrench arm oil cylinder is enlarged, the output is multiplied by the arm, hydraulic wrench theoretical output torque, due to friction exists, hydraulic wrench actual output torque is less than the theoretical output torque.

The method uses the high strength alloy materials and heat treatment to reduce size and weight of components of the objective. Sony to hydraulic tool known as a wide range of Global trade at present, to find the high strength material difficulty is not great, but because in order to improve the strength of a, must also take heat treatment and surface treatment, hope for the parts strength can reach above 1000MPa and stability, and also high requirements for uniformity of materialstrength (mainly is due to the irregular hydraulic driving wrench the internal parts of the affected), at present domestic enterprises is still very difficult for hydraulicdriving spanner of internal parts strength can reach above 1000MPa, even toindividual reach, stability is difficult to achieve the batch. Also need to change thesimilar products abroad study, in a longer period of time, manpower and money intomany, in the material and heat treatment in many aspects to explore and experiment.