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Diversification of China's mold industry

   China's mold industry in order to develop an intensive course , take the intensive development path, sure would like to " low-input, high-yield " business goals , which requires many aspects to mold companies begin to change.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools learned in the mold industry development needs repair outside the refining , you first need to do is to change the concept , establish long-term development concept and to develop a viable development goals. And continue to improve the management level , improve the overall performance management , optimize departmental structure , human resources and avoid waste of time , while optimizing internal competition mechanism , improve the professional quality of the staff , in order to point to promote brand building industry .

    Mold is a basis for industrial production technology and equipment , known as " the mother of industry ." As the national economy 's basic industries , mold involved in machinery , automobiles, light industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, a very wide range of applications . With the continuous development of information technology , the concept of intelligence began to penetrate into all walks of life and every aspect of our lives . Intelligent mold as the representative of one of the products of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and help mold production company, will strongly support the Chinese high-end equipment parts manufacturing and other areas of rapid development . Compared with the traditional mold , intelligent mold has high technical content, high value-added products , long life , wide range of applications, a large market space and other obvious advantages.

    Although the total amount of intelligent mold is not much , but it represents a new direction mold technology will play an increasingly important role in the adjustment of product structure and terms of industry development pattern . Intelligent mold development well, the industry is bound to promote the entire mold quickly upgrade the level play a strong role in promoting , therefore , a priority in the development of the industry in the development of intelligent mold is particularly necessary.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand , given the current situation of China 's mold industry , the production of intelligent mold level is still in its infancy , but we can foresee the future will develop into a perception, analysis , decision-making and executive function and have highly intelligent level of intelligent forming equipment. In strategic emerging industries, large, sophisticated, efficient, high-performance molds will also continue to expand its use and function , increase their added value and reliability. To achieve the development of intelligent mold to boost efficiency, precision , to improve the overall level of high-performance molds , dies early realization of world power goals.

    Throughout the development process, related industries and businesses need long-term perspective , the potential lower mind, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology research side , and gradually form a division of labor , there is collaboration in all areas of research and development pattern, introduced with proprietary mold products. From the current market share alone is not profitable , it becomes profitable to share the common market . I believe Chinese companies to compete in the changing ways in the future , companies can greatly enhance the production level , effectively get rid of the vicious competition for the mold industry to the next level .