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Hardware and tools industry prospects

    The entire hardware market development prospects, regardless of the scale of production or the number of products has significantly improved, product sales and exports have risen significantly. Since the majority of Chinese hardware market, foreign companies want to come in hardware a share, more and more foreign enterprises to enter China hardware. As a local hardware companies not only need to play to the advantages of traditional industries, but also effectively promote the upgrading of products, so that products continue to enhance the competitiveness of the previous labor-intensive industries transition to technology-intensive industries. In the process of transformation which can continue to narrow the gap with the international metal industry.

    According to Sony learned to hydraulic tools, hardware and tools belonging to China's traditional industries, with the continuous development of the times, but also the need for the transformation of traditional industries. In the new era, to seek new development. If you still follow the previous model, apparently unable to keep up with the trend of the times. As hardware tools companies should constantly develop new products, develop professional R & D team, the early realization of high-end products domestically. Development of industrial clusters, promote industrial upgrading constantly, so the competitive advantage of industry groups clearer. Hardware Tools solid domestic enterprises in the market, you can develop products targeted to open up foreign markets.

    After twenty years of development, has become one of the most hardware tools heritage industries. In recent years, domestic demand is more robust, hardware and tools industry into gold sales. American and European countries due to the high local labor costs, so choose the low-end products to developing countries, only their own production of high value-added products. Our hardware tools market potential, mainly in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong and other places, including Zhejiang and Guangdong, the most prominent.

    Despite China's production of various hardware tools are widely used in various industries, and achieved significant economic benefits, but compared with foreign technology can see the obvious difference. As the hardware companies need to develop hardware tools industry, pay close attention to new products, the development of new technology, accelerate the development of hardware tools industry, enhance economic efficiency and the overall level of technology.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools learned, April 2014 123 whole hardware industry leading role is not obvious. Hardware tools industry leading technology backbone enterprises in the domestic market, the overall competitiveness of the industry and other obvious advantages. Technological innovation capability is weak, the structure is too simple. Hardware Tools from the main business of foreign trade orders, export dependence is too high. Under the influence of the international financial crisis triggered by the economic crisis, the sharp contraction in export markets, a serious threat to the survival and development, brand building is lagging behind. Hardware Tools Enterprise mostly OEM or OEM, does not have the core competitiveness.

    In order to meet the growing demand, the need to increase product innovation, improve product quality, increase product variety and improve production. It is understood that in recent years, machinery, gems, medical equipment, wood, glass, steel, stone handicrafts, ceramics and composites processing areas of demand for non-metallic brittle materials hardware tools increases every year, at present, the country is still dependent on imports of these products, Therefore, as soon as possible must be developed various series of high-quality hardware and tools, to replace imports.

    Insiders also believe that our business is now in the export, or to win, sales growth did not actually bring to enhance profitability, is entirely dependent on the number of products to increase exports, which could become a restricted industry development risks. Especially now that Taiwan Tools, India tool in the international market competitiveness of our businesses but also to a lot of pressure.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools learned in the new wave of integration in the world economy, global manufacturing to accelerate the transfer to mainland China has become a trend, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages of Guangdong Pearl River Delta region in particular, will become the world's manufacturing center die within a decade. Meanwhile, the country in recent years, with nearly $ 1 billion annually imported molds, where sophisticated, large-scale, complex, long-life molds the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports of such high-grade mold, hardware tools proportion of the market share will gradually increases. Future, China's mold and CNC tool industry will also ranked highest in the world.