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Check the brake system

    On which parts need periodic replacement car conservation? Regular car maintenance is very important. If the tire deflated, worn spark plugs, air filter blockage will cause gasoline consumption. In addition, keep the engine timeless, tips on selecting lubricating oil and remove coke. Sony hydraulic tool to remind you to check the brake is also a very important part.

Check the brake system steps:

STEP1: Check the brake fluid reservoir volume. The amount of the brake fluid reservoir tank should be between the upper and lower engraved lines. If the lack of brake fluid, should add the same species, the same brands and models of brake fluid can not add other types of brake fluid or alcohol substitutes.

STEP2: Check the hydraulic brake system brake pedal "foot feeling." Depress the brake pedal, the pedal should first be able to feel the tiny free travel (in line with the requirements of the various models), free travel should be between 6 ~ 20mm. Continue to depress the pedal, the pedal should be stepped significant resistance until it stops. If the soft pedal down, there is no significant resistance, indicating a faulty brake system should be repaired; If the pedal is pressed, the first pedal is very low, while the second leg but returned to normal, but the pedal is pressed firmly There are traces of flexibility, it means that there is an air brake lines, brake hydraulic lines should be excluded in the air. When the brake pedal in the end, the brake pedal should maintain a certain distance between the floor and the cab of the vehicle shall comply with the requirements of the distance. Distance is too small, indicating that the wheel brake shoe clearance is too large, you should adjust the wheel brake shoe clearance.

STEP3: Check the brake system for leaks. Check the technical condition of the braking system, eliminate all loose joints, oil spills or leakage phenomenon.

STEP4: Check the parking state. After starting the engine, a few minutes after the engine is running, the hydraulic pressure (including vacuum booster type) braking system, if a normal response to the brake pedal, the piping system is normal.

STEP5: Check the running state. According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand, start the engine, release the hand brake, making the car to 20 ~ 30km / h speed driving, the brake pedal on a dry flat surface, and the rapid deceleration of the car should stop, and no deviation phenomenon. After the car brake, release the brake pedal and when to continue driving, you should be able to start-up and running smoothly, but when in motion does not move the steering wheel, the car should keep straight without deviation. When the distance (do not step on the brake), the parking brake drum inspection (brake disc cartridge brake pads) temperature cars with a period, the temperature should normally not hot.

How to check brake fluid leaks?

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand, let the engine idle, and to the drive shaft in the "neutral" position, the brake pedal and keep feet treading force unchanged. If, in force unchanged, pedal slowly falling, then the hydraulic brake system may have leaked, following a visual inspection to confirm whether there is leakage.

    1 in the master cylinder reservoir to check the liquid level position, the normal wear of the friction linings causes the liquid level inside a slight decrease. If the reservoir level abnormally low, it will cause the brake warning lights, which may indicate the presence of hydraulic system internal or external leakage.

    2 Check the brake pipe and brake hose connections for leaks, if there is a leak, check the torque fasteners or replace tubing or hose.

    3 Check the connection brake components for damage and, if necessary, reinstall or replace the connection brake components. Check the calipers and wheel cylinders for leaks shield, if there are leaks, reinstall or replace these components when necessary.