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Planning for the future development needs of the mold industry

    With the development of the entire country mold machine tool industry, continue to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation, the future direction of China's mold has been more uncertain. China began to carry out research and development of high-end mold machine, from the past to the present can not be completed independent research and development has already begun, the overall size of the machine molds from small to large and rapid growth.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand, in the mold industry continues to progress over the years, prompting the emergence of a large number of leading companies, such as automotive panel die there, "four people", the mold industry has more than 100 enterprises have been awarded the "China Die & Mould Industry "title; in the industrial layout, China's mold industry is moving from the more developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region and the northern extension to the mainland, there are some new mold production more concentrated areas.

    Currently, extensive management, marketing level is not high, inefficient China's mold industry is a major problem exists, there are three issues, but also led to the country's metal mold industry less competitive. China's mold industry is still in the early stages of the whole world, not their own brands, there is no technological innovation capability in the control chain going. China's mold industry sales channels mainly in unity, supply of raw materials subject to certain constraints, resource integration of consciousness is not strong.

    On the management of these enterprises, the modern enterprise system is not perfect, the overall marriage is still relatively chaotic, improper, family financial management quality management cash flow management and product is not yet effective control. Of course, it is precisely because of these problems China's mold industry, so we are constantly exploring advanced production and management experience, but also continue to explore new paths of development. Learning or introduce the most advanced technology and equipment for the mold business services. Some manufacturers, such as the purchase of high-precision molds CMM products for the detection of mold, this can provide strong productivity mold.

    According to Sony hydraulic tools learned in transition metal mold enterprises should enhance creativity, cultivate the formation of professional R & D team to develop high-end product development technology, the early realization of high-end products domestically; optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; development of industrial clusters enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups; solid domestic market, actively explore foreign markets.

   Throughout the development process, related industries and businesses need long-term perspective, the potential lower mind, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology research side, and gradually form a division of labor, there is collaboration in all areas of research and development pattern, introduced with proprietary mold products. From the current market share alone is not profitable, it becomes profitable to share the common market. I believe Chinese companies to compete in the changing way in the future, companies can greatly enhance the production level, effectively get rid of the vicious competition for the mold industry to the next level.