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Analysis: The tool market demand

    According to Sony hydraulic tools to understand the future, users will be more emphasis on research and development plant tool, not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology, but also in the product and its production process tool, the focus on production practices that will help Tool manufacturers increased their familiar field of market competitiveness. In terms of technology updates, gradually replacing the high-speed steel cutting tools carbide cutting tools, especially circular tool.

    Coated tools used more and more common in Europe, with a new high-speed machining tool market share is growing. Dynamic vendor area. From the point of view of cooperation tool manufacturers in the high-tech areas of the market will be a lot of big companies powerful combination.

     According to Sony hydraulic tools noted, the current domestic market demand for high-grade mold large, according to forecasts, "Twelve Five" period, the total market steady upward trend in the mold, but requires domestic mold must be in quality, delivery, etc. areas to meet the needs of users. Moreover, appliance, automotive, plastics industry, the greatest demand for molds. International market in recent years, an increase in labor costs in industrial countries, the developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries forward transfer. Its domestic production of high precision molds based, manual labor into large molds to rely on imports.

    Therefore, middle and low mold international market potential is huge. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, to ensure delivery, the export prospects of the mold is very optimistic. In addition, the demand in the international market is also a great standard mold. At present, only a small amount of exports.

    In the new wave of integration in the world economy, global manufacturing to accelerate the transfer to mainland China has become a trend, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages of Guangdong Pearl River Delta region in particular, will become the world's manufacturing center die within a decade. Meanwhile, the country in recent years, with nearly $ 1 billion annually imported molds, where sophisticated, large-scale, complex, long-life molds the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports of such high-grade mold, hardware tools proportion of the market share will gradually increases. Future, China's mold and CNC tool industry will also ranked highest in the world.

    R & D system is imperfect difficult to gather together to achieve a breakthrough

    Weak current industry enterprise infrastructure management, management of some of the outstanding issues can not be an effective solution to a long-term presence has become severely constrained companies stronger, scientific development bottleneck. Among them, the management development system has become an important part of enterprise management innovation. Soft power compared with foreign outstanding enterprises, domestic enterprises to establish R & D centers, R & D project management, introduction and training, optimization and other senior personnel staff incentive system, there are still gaps. In addition, the lack of industry-strategic level guidance for R & D team, can not form a concerted effort from all sides to break the key advantages of the difficulties; fragmented and weak development trickle differentiation, often tried to question all broken, but often inadequate or ideas obstruction lag, the results achieved only for its "shape" but not reflected in its "god."

    Development of systemic instability in the accumulation of small production processes

    Tool industry knowledge base covers the materials and design, the coating structure design, tool design appearance of the structure, dedicated digital technology development, any discipline theory, technology upgrading will bring the whole tool industry along with technical adjustments systemic changes. Also in line with the above technical aspects associated with either missing or minor program is bound to affect the stability of the floating tool performance indicators. The tool substrate, the composition of the companies in the country corresponding to the same grade, hardness, density, coercivity and other conventional performance report also basically the same, but the actual performance feedback mixed. To break this "God does not like the shape of" embarrassing, urgent need to reinforce the accumulation of systematic research tool for exploring various aspects of relevance connection, layers match, a chain, in order to guide the actual production to ensure product stability , find the "God-shaped" key. Lack of domestic support services capacity to make the tool can not impose its "god"

     According to Sony to understand hydraulic tools, applications and services in the market, the level of foreign business tool product range, has not only limited production tool, they can also provide ancillary services according to customer needs, truly what customers think, therefore often firmly occupy the market. By contrast, a standard tool in our long-term resident in the country simply dominant market structure between the tool and the user company's trading business relationship, or even just through agents, simply involves less service. Thus, the vast majority of domestic power tools business is essentially no services, resulting in even domestic knives companies can produce high-quality products, however, can not be reasonable for the customer support process, often only under-utilized, so that the production line "shape "to which can not be played" God "effect.