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What is a carbon crystal heating

 As people's living standards offer warm gaining more and more families of all ages. There are two types of electrical plumbing warm warm. Due to the high power consumption of electric heating and flooring materials will be deformed, and energy-saving and high-end home match. Plumbing has been more and more applications.

    According to Sony hydraulic punching machine aware, traditional plumbing, interior cement pipe commonly used approach, a large amount of construction work long, dirty place of work, the construction period, the ground is thick cement to pipe corrosion, and pipe leaks if the maintenance is almost impossible.

    New plumbing, indoor use of advanced carbon crystal floor, mainly by the aluminum pipe mounting slots with the composition of the coating and carbon crystal reflective layer. With the laying process simple, convenient ply book (2 cm), heating up fast, etc., either new homes or existing homes, are relatively easy to install.

    1, the carbon crystal to warm the power distribution box in place, the end of the branch circuit power and pipeline projects, and other electrical plumbing, a variety of other pipeline projects have been completed.

    2, the scene of debris, especially the floor surface of the nails, steel top metal should be removed. Owner to ensure that the work site clean and tidy installation influential construction debris should be thoroughly cleaned.

    3, can not be combined heating circuits and lighting circuits. Total loop and branch circuit wiring to calculate the load current, not less than 2.5mm2 wire branch circuit. The total loop supply voltage AC 220V/50HZ, using wires should Separations: phase line with red, N blue line.

    4, power supply carbon crystal heating system, should AC 220V power supply. When a user circuit load exceeds 10kW, can be AC ​​220V/380V three-phase four-wire power supply, carbon crystal heating system should access the system so that the three-phase 220V/380V equilibrium.

    5, single-family indoor pavement area greater than 40 square meters, or more than three or more space division, the proposed establishment of a separate heating distribution box for easy repair and maintenance, to ensure that the load of each circuit can produce a balanced energy-saving effect of about 5% .

    6, the installation of a separate heating and with 30mA leakage power distribution box, each configured with a 16A or 25A circuit breaker.

    7, such as carbon crystal to warm the ground floor or composite wood flooring, safety and environmental protection should be used in high-grade materials. Make sure the floor is completely formaldehyde content and PVOC indicators at or above the national standard, there is proof of Europe's best export commodity. Note flooring moisture pad insulation effect, can not be used to heat precipitation.

    Long life

    As the warm part of the hidden works, so consumers are most worried about is warm in case there is a problem how to repair one's life but also to warm the focus of attention of consumers another. The carbon crystal to warm can relieve the worries of consumers to some extent.

    In addition, the carbon crystal heating to warm and special way with the growth of the use of the material determines the time, it's heating effect will be better. Insiders said that under normal circumstances, the service life of carbon crystal to warm up to 40 years.

    Home heating service more humane

   According to Sony to understand hydraulic punching machine, warm carbon crystal using intelligent thermostat controls the heating temperature, in particular LCD programmable thermostat, not only can achieve sub-regional control of heating, and the full realization of remote sensing adjust the room temperature function. On this basis, users can use the guide based on reasonable operating thermostat, you can save energy, efficiency purposes, but also more generally to warm the switch to safety. In addition, carbon crystal to warm can also laying stone, tile, flooring, flooring and other floor materials with different keel configuration which is suitable for temperature control switch, to a certain extent also be sure to use the more comfortable humane.

    What is a carbon crystal heating

    Carbon crystal, is a modified carbon particles purified heating products, short carbon fibers modified after ball milling treatment, made after microcrystalline particles, then add the far infrared emitter to the heating element produced by a special process synthesis, the products have been access to three national patents.

    Carbon crystal heating principle, that in the lead excitation, resulting in "Brownian motion" by thermal component molecules of carbon, the carbon impact and friction between the molecules with each other to produce energy, generate large amounts of infrared radiation, electricity and heat conversion rate of 98%. Power within tens of seconds, the surface temperature of the heating element rises rapidly from ambient temperature, and the heat transfer to the heat insulating material covering the surface of the carbon crystal electric material, and the back surface of the carbon crystal electric material, the thermal insulation material continuously reflector to cover the surface of the heating element, the temperature rising to the surface. Just after 2-4 minutes, to achieve thermal insulation between the heating element and the thermal balance, a constant temperature heat radiation.

    According to Sony hydraulic punching machine machine aware, it does not produce high-frequency radiation of infrared radiation. Neither UV nor visible, not only harmless, but also can improve the body's microcirculation, promote metabolism, improve human immunity, healthy. Infrared radiation has wavelengths between 8-18 microns.