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What is the hydraulic technology?

According to Sony to understand hydraulic punching machine hydraulic technology Description:

1 Introduction to Hydraulics hydraulic power transmission because of its large, easy delivery and configuration, widely used in industrial and civil sectors. In the manufacture of the various components of tightness, durability, high technical requirements, is currently in the manufacture of hydraulic components have been widely adopted - rolling process, a good solution roundness, roughness problem. Especially widely used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic hydraulic tools can solve manufacturing problems.

2, what is a complete hydraulic system hydraulic consists of five parts, namely, power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil. The role of dynamic components    is the prime mover of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, refers to the hydraulic system pump, which provides power to the entire hydraulic system. The general structure of the hydraulic pump gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps. Action actuators (such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) the pressure of the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy to drive the load for a reciprocating linear motion or rotary motion.

   Control elements (i.e., the various hydraulic valves) to control and regulate the pressure of the liquid, and the flow direction in the hydraulic system. Depending on the control of the hydraulic pressure control valve into the valve, the flow control valve and the directional control valve. The pressure control valve is divided into relief (safety valve), valves, sequence valves, etc.; flow control valves including throttle, adjust valves, flow diversion valve, etc.; directional control valve includes a one-way valve, hydraulic control single the valves, shuttle valves, valve and so on. Depending on the control, hydraulic valves can be divided into switching control valves, control valves and value proportional control valve. Auxiliary components including fuel tanks, filters, tubing and fittings, seals, pressure gauge, oil level, oil temperature meter. Hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system energy transfer medium to work with a variety of mineral oil, emulsified oil, hydraulic molding Hop categories.
3, the principle of hydraulic technology used was Pascal's law: the pressure on the liquid sealed can change the size of Pascal's law Pascal's law passed in all directions. Then applying a small force on a small area of ​​the piston, the pressure transmission is because, on the other side so that a large area there will be a greater force of the piston. Such as the right, if the left area of ​​the piston is S1, piston area to the right of S2, S1 <S2. Because the pressure p is constant, so that p = F1/S1, because the pressure transmission, so that p = F2/S2, because S1 <S2, it is F1 <F2. Specifically, F2 = S2/S1 · F1. 4 hydraulic Advantages compared with the merits edit hydraulic mechanical transmission, electric drive, hydraulic drive has the following advantages: 1, the various components of hydraulic transmission, you can easily and flexibly arranged according to need. 2, light weight, small size, low inertia, fast response. 3, manipulation easy to control, can achieve a wide range of variable speed (speed range up to 2000:1).

 4, automatic overload protection.

 5, generally use mineral oil as the working medium, self-lubricating surface relative motion, long service life.

 6, it is easy to achieve linear motion. 7, it is easy to automate machines, when combined using electro-hydraulic control, not only to achieve a higher degree of automatic control process, and can achieve remote control.

According to Sony noted hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic pressure is divided into the following shortcomings:

 1, the resistance to fluid flow and leakage is high, the efficiency is low. If not handled properly, leaks of contaminated sites only, but also may cause fire and explosion.

 2, due to the performance susceptible to temperature changes, it should not work in high or low temperature conditions.

 3, manufacture of high precision hydraulic components, and therefore more expensive.

 4, due to leakage, and the compressibility of the liquid medium, the transmission ratio can not be strictly. 5, hydraulic difficult to identify when a fault causes; usage and maintenance requirements have a higher level of technology.

 5, applications due to the hydraulic technology has many outstanding advantages, from civil defense out from the general drive to high precision control systems have been widely used.

 In the defense industry, land and instruct. Many of weaponry and air forces have adopted a hydraulic drive and control. Such as aircraft, tanks, ships, radar, artillery, missiles and rockets. In the machine tool industry, currently 85% of the machine drive system with hydraulic drive and control, such as grinders, milling machines, planer, broaching machines, presses, shears and a combination of machine tools.

 In the metallurgical industry, electric control system, the control system of rolling mill, open hearth loading, converter control, furnace control, strip deviation and the constant tension device, adopted hydraulic technology.

 In construction machinery, the widespread adoption of hydraulic transmission, such as excavators, Wheel loaders, cranes, crawler dozers, tire cranes, self-propelled scrapers, graders and vibratory roller and so on. Agricultural machinery, the use of hydraulic technology is very broad, such as combine harvesters, tractors and plows.

 In the automotive industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic dump truck, hydraulic aerial vehicles and fire engines all adopts hydraulic wood technology; in the textile industry, the use of irrigation technology plastic injection molding press machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, paper machine, printing and textile machines; in the shipbuilding industry, the application of hydraulic technology is widespread, such as full hydraulic dredgers, fishing boats, piling boats, oil platforms, hydrofoils, hovercraft and other auxiliary vessels.

In recent years. Also in solar tracking systems, wave simulators, ship driving simulator, earthquakes reproduce, transmit PEI Rocket Assisted set, aerospace and high-rise buildings earthquake environment simulation system and emergency brake and did not prepare, and is also used hydraulic technology.