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Hardware Knowledge: hydraulic components hydraulic clamp
Sony to introduce you to a hydraulic punching machine hydraulic clamp works:

Hydraulic clamp classification

Hydraulic clamp divided into separate / integrated cable clamp hydraulic, mechanical cable connection pliers, hydraulic steel core cable clamp, manual hydraulic clamp, electric hydraulic pliers and other categories.

Structural principle of the hydraulic clamp

Crimping pliers from the fuel tank, power mechanism, valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil bodies, bodies from the pump body pump oil, high and low pressure oil out of the hole, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of high pressure pump and a low pressure pump configuration, pump body suspended solids in the tank cover, high and low pressure oil pump a hole opened in the body is connected with the oil pressure relief valve, eccentric shaft was arranged longitudinally, placed in the upper end of the pivot center of the pump body the lower end fixedly arranged eccentric bearing, gear driven eccentric shaft is secured at the top, coupled with the power sector, high and low pressure pumps suspended solids in the pump body, each with a touch of the eccentric bearing phase actuating member, high and low pressure pumps each pump chamber communicates with the high and low pressure oil out of the hole. Connect the pump unit and power agencies vertical connection, can take full advantage of the space and the small footprint, is conducive to job and transportation; high, pump oil into the form of low-pressure pump actuator in the form of an eccentric bearing, has the structure Simple, small and spare parts conducive assembly.

Hydraulic clamp Features

Rechargeable Cordless hydraulic clamp is one of the most lightweight hydraulic tool designed for one-hand operation, used in distribution operations crimping, lightweight, high durability, maintenance and the lowest probability of all hydraulic tools, automatic unloading reaches the set pressure pressure, the head can be rotated for different workplaces, mechanical and hydraulic head to ensure the quality of the crimp.

Hydraulic original composition:
According to Sony noted hydraulic punching machine, a complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil. The role of dynamic components is the prime mover of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, refers to the hydraulic system pump, which provides power to the entire hydraulic system. The general structure of the hydraulic pump gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps. Action actuators (such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) the pressure of the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy to drive the load for a reciprocating linear motion or rotary motion. Control elements (i.e., the various hydraulic valves) to control and regulate the pressure of the liquid, and the flow direction in the hydraulic system. Depending on the control of the hydraulic pressure control valve into the valve, the flow control valve and the directional control valve. The pressure control valve is divided into relief (safety valve), valves, sequence valves, pressure switch, etc.; flow control valves including throttle, adjust valves, flow diversion valve, etc.; directional control valve includes a check valve, check valve, shuttle valve, valve and so on. Depending on the control, hydraulic valves can be divided into switching control valves, control valves and value proportional control valve. Auxiliary components including fuel tanks, filters, tubing and fittings, seals, pressure gauge, oil level, oil temperature meter. Hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system energy transfer medium to work with a variety of mineral oil, emulsified oil, hydraulic molding Hop categories.

Hydraulic Components Category

Dynamic components - gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, screw ......

Actuator - hydraulic cylinder: hydraulic cylinder piston, piston hydraulic cylinders, swing hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinder combination

Hydraulic motor: hydraulic gear motors, vane hydraulic motors, hydraulic piston motor

Control elements - directional control valve: one-way valve, valve

Pressure control valve: relief valve, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure relays, etc.

Flow control valve: throttle control valve, diverter valve

Auxiliary element - accumulators, filters, coolers, heaters, tubing, fittings, tanks, pressure gauges, flow meters, and other sealing means.