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Optional "door" also requires skill Oh
The door is every household must have furniture for new homes do friends, choose the door skill Oh, Sony to hydraulic punching machine to teach you how to choose the door:

Optional components gate skill

Lock: should buy open-sided safety lock, lock with feel more weight, the more weight the more thick description cylinder materials used, the more wear and tear. On the contrary, the material is thin, easily damaged. Second, look at the surface finish locks, whether delicate and smooth, without spots. Repeatedly being opened to see the degree of sensitivity cylinder spring.

Cylinder: When the rotation is not flexible enough, a small amount of black powder can be scraped from the pencil, the light blown keyhole. This is because graphite is a good solid lubricant component. Avoid oil drops, because it will be easier adhesion of dust.

In the spring: the spring before the doors should be of stainless steel or copper surface plane, the official use of the bottles should be adjusted around, opening and closing speed, ease of use. Hydraulic part can not leak. Doorstop can also be used.

Hinge, hanging round, Casters: prolonged exercise in moving parts may be reduced because of dust adhesion properties, about every six months one, two drops of oil can maintain its smoothness.

Wipe clean cotton cloth doors

Steel doors: steel doors face when dealing with stains, wipe with soft cotton, because it is easy to scratch the door hard cloth surface; particular attention, neutral reagent or water soaked rag do not surface for a long time in the steel doors place, otherwise it will damage the surface finish materials so discolored or peeling.

When after heavy stains, use a mild detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, to stain; while processing surface stains, also need to use a soft cotton cloth to avoid scratching the surface of a hard cloth is easy: solid wood door then wipe it dry; note neutral reagent or water soaked cloth should not be placed on the doors of the surface for a long time, otherwise it will damage the surface of dip, the surface material is discolored or peeling; attention to corners of the doors do not rub too much, otherwise cause peeling paint edges.

Clever wrap windows help to oil

Doors and windows (windows renovation renderings) vinegar and water stained glass available cloth for cleaning. If windows greasy, you can simply spray the glass cleaner overall, and then paste with plastic wrap, so that solidified grease softening, over ten minutes later, torn plastic wrap, then wipe with a damp cloth.

When cleaning the screens, windows, screens must first be dismantled down. Removed to the screens in the bathtub (bath renovation renderings) inside or bath next door. Rinse gently with a soft water pipe or shower (shower renovation renderings) to remove stuck on top of cobwebs, dust and other contaminants; secondly, drum up some soapy water, dip a brush with some of the soap Shorthair water, and then on the screens gently scrub in circular motions to ensure that a sufficient number of screens has been stained with soap bubbles; Finally, pipes or sprinkler with a soft soap to clean, and then wait to dry.