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To see how the quality of care hub
   "General refit wheels are from enhancing vehicle performance and the pursuit of individuality and beautiful two purposes." Jiangmen Cooper Tire store official said, wheel replacement modified in recent years gradually fire up, mainly because some iron wheels to replace alloy wheels, to improve vehicle performance. "Owners below 35 years of age tend to be the pursuit of individuality, automotive original wheels in the form of regulations mostly calm, some owners can not meet the novelty is different and individual needs, the needs of a variety of individual wheels more and more."

According to Sony to understand hydraulic punching machines, wheel size are concentrated in the 12-inch -21 inch, which is commonly used 14-inch -17 inch. General vehicle owners to change wheels, more wheels of the vehicle wife big change, change width to make full use of the advantages of wide tires, increased comfort and grip. According to the relevant insiders, if measured from the technical coordination parameters guidelines, the Jiangmen has not yet reached a business hub modification professional standards. "A lot of wheels, tire replacement stores or companies are customers asked for much, much will change, there are a few technical parameters of the guidelines." Cooper Tire store official said, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, in this regard has matured Jiangmen is currently in its infancy, follow the trend of opening more, some stores specialized weak.

"If the free replacement, the original factory data will certainly damage the vehicle, the blind modification, not only vehicle fuel consumption will rise, power and braking effect will have an impact, too cautious to replace." Shun line Jiangmen Car Service Master Tire Center Master Chen said, inappropriate hub will increase tire wear, to travel safety and security, comfort will be greatly reduced when the vehicle is traveling.

Visually difficult to distinguish the quality of the pros and cons

Once accidentally install inferior wheels, not only for their own travel security risk, but also endanger the lives of others. Recent media reports, Jinhua, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau in the first half of this year found more than a lot of fake ho wheel hub of the enterprise. In recent years, due to the poor quality of traffic accidents caused by wheels have repeatedly occurred last May 29, Hangzhou "best driver" Roderick Woo on the driveway because of the falling debris hit the poor quality wheels abdomen died. So how to identify the genuine merits of car wheels? Industry insiders say the naked eye alone is difficult to distinguish between the need to use specialized instruments to measure, but can be distinguished simply by listening to the sound.

"Only from the looks of it, it is difficult to see the truth of the merits of the hub, the hub of some quality parameters have to rely on professional equipment to measure it." Master Chen said, wheels look like the RMB as a clear security signs, and Since the increase of the relevant metal protective coating material, to distinguish the more difficult, and therefore many owners suffer, recommended that owners choose well-known brands wheels.

"Wheels and more from the cast, forged, which also uses lightweight materials, you can tap the hub to the voices crisp to the quality of simple judgment hub." Cooper Tire store official said, the regular manufacturers wheels work almost , mainly because of different materials, and the resulting prices are very different, the owner try not to buy when you can buy products from the various collection of information, or invite an expert guide, forum or in car electronics brand shops in order to prevent rights issues difficulties.

Regular inspection and maintenance required to clean up

In addition to selecting a comfortable pair of shoes for the car, the need to constantly give it to wipe shoes. Wheels look clean, or not giving the visual impression is very prominent, but also increase the life of the hub.

"A lot of owners in a parking when accidentally hit the street corner or pier, scratch or cause deformation of the hub if the problem is not scratched, deformed or directly replace the wheels have come off of." Chen said the master, the owner of the daily attention to driving, luck cause wheels to avoid being scratched.

"General Considerations routine maintenance, periodic inspection cleaning up the oil, will not have any serious problem." Ansett car repair center specializing in cosmetic repair master Master Sun said. Cooper Tire stores charge some suggestions on oil spill clean-up. "Cleaning the use of water wheels, and so the wheels to cool before cleaning." He said, driving the wheels and tires and brake pads rub against the heat, if immediately with water will result in material changes in the hub, the outer layer of paint easily lead to discoloration. "The best cleaning up the oil with soap and water, detergent may corrode the material, not recommended." In addition, he adds, many owners after cleaning the hub will increase tire spray wax, "poorer quality choice if freeloaders product, it is better not painted. "