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China machine tool industry: do everything possible to expand exports
At present , China's construction machinery sales and sales have surpassed the United States , Japan, Germany ranked first in the world . Situation from the machine tool industry nearly five years to see , strong import, export weakness, import and export trade deficit continues to expand. On the one hand shows that our machinery manufacturing fixed asset investment grew faster , machine tool demand ; it also reflects the domestic machine tool gaps and weaknesses exist in the variety, quality , reliability and delivery, after sales service , etc. . In recent years, China's machine tool industry restructuring , research and development of new products , marketing services and achieved remarkable results , but should not be overestimated , to address the gap, to catch up, to meet user needs .

According to Sony to understand hydraulic punching machines , import and export situation of the machine tool industry , the development of the industry reflects both the case of export-oriented economy , international economic and technological cooperation ; more important is that in our country facing economic globalization process, reflecting the industry itself level of core competitiveness . From the past five years, the import and export situation of metal processing machines , is facing a very serious situation .

To expand exports

Exports are an important factor in stimulating the development of the machine tool industry , should arouse the attention of enterprises . In recent years, exports of metalworking machine tools accounted for only about 10 % of the total production of metal processing machines , is too low , only 2001 exports of $ 290 million , down 3 % from 2002 onwards began to rise , exports $ 313 million , an increase of 8.1%. It is particularly worth mentioning is that some of the high level of machine tool exports , such as Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., heavy multi-station automatic presses exported to the U.S. ; CNC gantry double-end Shanghai Machine Tool Works Ltd. grinder exported to Japan and so on. Since 2003, the rapid development of machine tool exports , exports from January to October increased 18 %, including 41% growth in exports of CNC machine tools , machining centers, exports grew 97%.

From September 1, 2003 , the registered capital of not less than machinery companies 500,000 yuan , can apply for import and export business . To organize forces to vigorously expand export . Products exported to the different needs of diverse international markets.

Export more than $ 4 million of products: CNC EDM , non- CNC horizontal lathe, bench drilling , lifting non- desktop CNC milling machines , grinders , saws, non- CNC forging machine, non- CNC bending machine, CNC cutting non- machines , hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, metal thread rolling mill, wire rod working machines. To consolidate and expand the export of these superior products , good after-sales service and spare parts supply work . While vigorously promoting high -tech exports , such as CNC machine tools, machining centers , high-precision machine tools , machine tool, high degree of automation of presses, grinding machines, bending machines , shears , punching machines.

To create a service outlets in export volume more areas.

Qualified enterprises , factories set point to go out and invest ( or acquisition ) , and cooperation. The semi-finished products , parts exports , local processing and assembly sales. Dalian Machine Tool Group , Qin Chuan Machinery Group has acquired several well-known foreign machine tool plant , China's machine tool industry has taken a high standard of corporate acquisitions abroad road , will help to open up foreign markets, and by grafting fusion technology to improve their products level.

Alleviate the impact of export tax rebate rate cut

Tax rebates on exports is international practice , in line with WTO rules. October 13, 2003 the State Council issued the decision on the reform of the current export tax rebate mechanism. The main contents are:

( 1 ) due to lower export tax rebate rate for the country to encourage the export of the product does not fall down less on general product appropriately reduced.

( 2 ) increase the central financial support for export tax rebates . From 2003 onwards, the central import VAT and consumption tax revenues for the first increment of export tax rebates .

( 3 ) the establishment of a new central and local governments share the burden of the export tax rebate mechanism , from 2004 to 2003 actual export tax rebates as the base, the base portion of the super- Yingtuishuie , the ratio of 75:25 by the central and local governments by the common burden , the financial burden that the central 75% of the local financial burden of 25%.

( 4 ) to promote the foreign trade system , adjust the structure of export products . Accelerate the production of export enterprises , promoting foreign trade agency system .

( 5 ) the cumulative tax refund owed ​​by the central financial burden , since 2004 the full discount taken by the central government and other measures to be addressed.

Machine tool industry, CNC machine tools, machining centers , machine tool three products remain unchanged tax rate of 17% , other products including tools, parts and accessories decreased by 17% to 13 %.

Production costs will affect profits and export enterprises . Related enterprises should take effective measures to reduce costs, reduce the cost of intermediate links , the rapid expansion of export , import and export costs are too high , to find and commission agents or middlemen , expand exports, to ease the impact of reduced export tax rebates .

Attract foreign investment and make good use of foreign capital

According to Sony hydraulic punching machines noted , the WTO, economic and technical cooperation environment between China and the WTO members continued to improve , China's investment environment is further improved. Machine tool industry in attracting foreign investment , joint ventures, cooperation has made some progress . A tool such as Beijing joint venture with Japan's Okuma CNC machine tools, machine gang produced in collaboration with Japanese Citizen CNC lathe slitting , Shanghai Machine Tool , Dalian Machine Tool , Qin Chuan Machinery , Shenyang Machine Tool, Yawei Machine Tool , also signed with foreign investors in different forms joint venture, cooperation agreements. But overall, the machine tool industry still needs to accelerate the pace and broaden the joint ventures, cooperation in the field . Select high-profile , competitive products , capital strength of foreign manufacturers to carry out exchanges and contacts , negotiations and cooperation. From the mechanical industry situation, joint ventures, cooperative should pay attention to the following questions:

( 1 ) the product or technology to be advanced more advanced , higher domestic demand . Do not fixed in a variety of products , two kinds of specifications, we will strive to make the transfer of foreign technology to provide rolling conditions .

( 2 ) the price to be competitive . Required for the joint venture to produce parts , spare parts , to consider using part of domestic production to meet the requirements of product quality in order to reduce production costs. If they continue to kit shipped from abroad , the price is too high, production costs do not fall down , business is difficult to profit.

( 3 ) the size of a number of joint locality , the whole plant is less .

( 4 ) the equity ratio . Of China's Accession Protocol only provides automotive projects with foreign investment can not exceed 50 %, and other products not specified . But if you want to enjoy duty-free treatment of imported equipment , the Chinese government regulations, the Chinese have accounted for 25 %.

( 5 ) joint venture to make full use of foreign international sales channels , expand exports.

Development of high -tech products

According to Sony to understand hydraulic punching machine , imported machine tools is the real user needs . To aim at the import volume, "fifteen" , the demand for more " Eleventh Five-Year " period, high -tech products , to accelerate research and development or introduction of technology . Imports from the situation, a large amount of imports is mainly machining centers, CNC machine tools, machine tools , CNC milling and boring and milling machine , CNC grinding machines, CNC metal forming machine and CNC bending , shearing, punching machine tools.

According to the customs classification of metalworking machine tools 82 tariff lines of products, in 2002 imports more than $ 10 million in the 64 kinds of products, which imports more than $ 50 million in there 21 kinds . According to the data analysis , a large amount of imported products mainly include:

Processing center class, there are large-sized vertical machining centers, five-axis vertical machining centers, precision horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers ;

The precision CNC lathe CNC horizontal lathes, turning centers, milling centers ;

Machine tools , the main precision EDM machine tools, precision WEDM large flame cutting and plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines ;

CNC milling and boring machine , the aerospace industry is mainly needed for high-precision, large CNC boring and milling machine specifications , mold industry desired axis CNC milling and boring machines , etc. ;

CNC grinding machines , mainly precision CNC grinding machines, CNC forming grinding machines, automotive industry required crankshafts, camshafts and other special CNC grinders ;

Automobile and motorcycle engines and components needed for the production of high-speed machining center based flexible production lines , the demand is greater.

Machinery industry is one of the major users of fasteners . As the Chinese mechanical foundation for an important position in the machinery industry knowledge late, chronic lack of investment, resulting in the entire industry infrastructure is poor , weak economic foundation , the strength of the weak . Especially with the improvement of the level of Chinese host , machine parts bottlenecks behind the hosts increasingly apparent.