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According to Sony learned to hydraulic punching machine , P80 CNC hydraulic punching machine is a high-precision, high efficiency of the thickness of the sheet metal processing equipment ; using world-class FUNAC CNC system ; automatic programming software supports a variety of graphics file formats ; automatically generated by the machining program is simple ; hydraulic system uses a unique twin tandem structure ; system parameters according to the sheet provided automatically converted single -cylinder mode, effectively reducing the energy consumption, thus reducing the cost of production for the user ; mold using inline structure , greatly reducing changeover time , thus improving the efficiency of the machine.

Technical Parameters

The main design parameters of the device are: Nominal 800kN; mold 7 sets ; maximum processing sheet size 800mm × 2000mm; sheet thickness 4 ~ 10mm; processing aperture range φ5.5mm ~ φ40mm; punching accuracy up to ± 0.15mm; X -axis feed speed 30m/min; Y -axis feed speed 30m/min; hydraulic system pressure 25MPa. Punching machine mainly by the host material and the press die , X -axis feed means , Y -axis feed means , pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems , electrical systems, and lubrication system .

Introduces the main components

1 . Host components

This part of the bed , master cylinder , slide , cover, rail sliders, retooling safety devices, assistive care feeding station , X -axis positioning device , nesting boxes and scrap cars and other components. As the open bed structure , welded steel plate .

Bed by four feet and eight top block screws and ground connection, ensure the accuracy of punching . Master cylinder through the key and screws bed , connecting reliable force is good . THK four main slider slider and two overweight and bed rails are connected by hydraulic cylinders driven up and down reciprocating motion of the piston , driven mold punching . Secondary care stage with a number of universal ball , reducing feeding process sheet resistance , and the plate material leaving the die holder in the feeding process, reduce scratches. After pressing waste material through the guide channel , nesting boxes into scrap car. Retooling to ensure the safety device will not decline when replacing the main slider mold , so as to ensure the safety of operating personnel. X -axis positioning device consists retooling cylinder, dowel pins , bushings , dust ring mounts and other components . Positioning pin driven up and down movement of the cylinder , to achieve precise positioning of the X -axis .

2 . Mold and press material

The machine adopts the double -line mold structure , swing binder . Oscillating rotary shaft mounting pressure on the bed material , binder force provided by two cylinders binder , binder cylinder mounted on the slider , move the slider up and down with the pressing device can provide about 2t binder force , binder plate cylinder drive is reset by a reset . Die holder by three screws and two fixed positioning pins to achieve connection and positioning of the bed , punch holder mounted on the slider , the slider is moved up and down by the CNC punching mold choice . Maximum mold diameter up to 40mm, the maximum waist -shaped hole die size φ20mm × 25mm.

3 . X -axis feeding device

X -axis feeding device installed in the base of the Y -axis feeding , X -axis feeding device sent by the bracket, clamp , care feeding station , beams and casings and other components. Driven by a servo motor , precision ball screw and guide rail slider . Motion care units and clamp are mounted on the X -axis feeding device , care feeding station along with beams sheet width direction (Y -axis direction) , prop stage with a number of universal ball , reducing board material resistance and scratches. Slide board is equipped with two hydraulic clamps . According to the actual sheet metal punching position , determine a reasonable clamp position , try to avoid relocation to improve the efficiency of punching , clamps and clamp position to the position corresponding to the automatic programming software .

4 . Y -axis feeding device

Along the sheet width direction is defined as the Y -axis , Y -axis feeding device sent by the base , rails , towline, aircraft and ground screw and other components. Driven by a servo motor , precision ball screw and guide rail slider . To reduce the effects of vibration on the host during blanking precision punching , Y -axis feed means and the base of the bed is separated .

5. Pneumatic system

The pneumatic system components of Germany FESTO pneumatic components company , including air source treatment units , cylinders, manual valve, electric control valve, relief valve, pressure switch, such as air guns and pipe components. Air handling system filtering accuracy of 40mm, requires plant air supply pressure of not less than 0.5MPa, the gas system is set at the factory pressure 0.5MPa. Work process, if the pipeline pressure is less than 0.45MPa, low air pressure alarm prompted the system to stop working. The pneumatic actuator system is 7 retooling cylinder , seven punches reset cylinder and a locating pin push cylinders. For the cylinder model states choose not die out of state for the selection of the mold , the machine control system does not allow two cylinders while out of state . When the machine is working seven punches reset gas cylinder upper chamber , to ensure the completion of each punch after punch snapping punch holder , ensure the replacement when the next mold , blow mold for the cylinder to promote the smooth pad in place .

6. Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system including tanks, pumps , motors, accumulators, coolers, pressure gauges , pressure switch , valve blocks and lines . CNC control system by means of a hydraulic system to complete a variety of actions .
According to Sony noted hydraulic punching machine , start the motor , hydraulic pump to work , YV1, YV2, YV3, YV4 and YV5 shall electrical , hydraulic oil through the solenoid valve 7 , coolers , filters 4 back to the tank , the system for the unloading state . If the electrical contacts 14 detects the oil pressure falls below the clamp 7MPa, YV3 was electric, oil pump the oil to this end ; fill pressure after a certain time , the oil pressure reaches 10MPa, YV3 loss of power , back to the slide valve 7 position, the system is unloading state . 8 is used to set the system pressure relief valve , the maximum system pressure of this device is set to 25MPa. Relief clamp 11 is used to set the oil pressure , the pressure is set to the highest 10MPa. High pressure switch 15 is used to detect pressure oil , the setting is 26MPa, the system pressure exceeds the set value, the pump stopped working. There are two temperature adjustment knob is used to set a maximum operating temperature of the hydraulic system, the factory setting is 55 ℃ hydraulic station ; another is used to set the cooling temperature of the hydraulic system , the factory setting is 40 ℃. Table 17 can be observed under the hydraulic pressure of the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder 18 can be observed hydraulic system pressure , usually shut-off valve is closed, there is no pressure on the two tables show the hydraulic system fails, open the valve, the pressure of the two tables , exclude the diagnosis of hydraulic failure . Relief valve 9 and 11 define an accumulator 13 and the master cylinder clamp cylinder lower chamber and a maximum working pressure of 10MPa. Under this pressure, the single clamp clamping force of about 3500kg, nitrogen accumulator pressure 5.5MPa. There are four hydraulic cylinders Stop bit : When mold change location , change the position of the mold slide stop , when the piston reaches the top of the cylinder ; during the stamping dead , reset or size of cylinder conversion slider stopped position , this time from the cylinder piston top about 5mm; punching position , a pressing cycle ends when the stop position of the slider ; point lower press die , the lowest point of the slider , then the punch into the die is about 3 ~ 4mm, 5mm around the piston from the cylinder bottom .