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"HOB hydraulic cylinder" structure and composition
HOB hydraulic cylinders, usually by the cylinder, the cylinder rod (rod) and seals composed by the piston inside the cylinder is divided into two parts, namely through a hole. The compression ratio of the liquid is small, so that when one of the oil feed hole, so that the piston will be pushed further out of the oil hole, to make the piston rod projecting drive (retraction) motion, and vice versa.

Basic five parts: 1 - cylinder and cylinder head 2 - piston and rod 3 - sealing device 4 - 5 cushioning device - exhaust. Each cylinder works are almost similar, take a manual jack, the jack in fact, is the most simple cylinder. By manually pressurized stalk (hydraulic hand pump) hydraulic oil through a one-way valve into the cylinder, then the hydraulic oil into the cylinder valve because of the individual can no longer stand back, forcing the cylinder rod up, and then continue to work hydraulic oil continue to enter the cylinder, so keep on rising, to fall when he opens the hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil back to the tank, this is the most simple working principle, the other is based on the improvement in the cylinder with the cylinder basically the same principle.

According to Sony hydraulic punching machines share the common understanding of the structure of the form of hydraulic cylinders, which can be divided into four types: a piston plunger 2 3 4 swing telescopic cylinders and cylinder advantages and disadvantages:

Because of the advantages of a pneumatic system pressure is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0Mpa, so the cylinder can not do high-power powered devices. Hydraulic cylinders can be relatively large power element, using a hydraulic system.

2 air from the advantages of the media is inexhaustible speaking, there is no supply of the cost and difficulties, the used gas is discharged directly into the atmosphere, easy handling without contamination of hydraulic oil on the contrary.

3 has the advantage of small air viscosity resistance is less than the hydraulic oil.

4 But the advantages far outweigh the compression ratio of air hydraulic oil, so it's working stability and response sent very far.

Hydraulic cylinder system is the most important actuators, hydraulic energy will convert mechanical energy, and compatible with a variety of transmission, completion of the various mechanical motions.