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"Hydraulic copper and aluminum row hydraulic punching machine SH-70A" Features and use
Sony to resolve hydraulic punching machine for your hydraulic punching machine hydraulic copper and aluminum row of SH-70A Features and use:

Applicable to all kinds of steel , iron, copper , aluminum, formed steel , channel, beam and other drilling operations, small size, light weight, easy operation, saving and fast punching. Hydraulic punching machine punching machine is a kind of hydraulic punching machines and integrated punching machine .

Suitable for the tower , pole angle and punching operations buses.

◇ Max Throat depth : 70mm

◇ Punching thickness : 10mm

◇ portable, punching precise positioning

◇ can stand with support plate and convenient cutting jobs

◇ hydraulic punching machine punching die for both iron and copper and aluminum plate punching


1 . The pump and working head with quick connector connected.

2 . Choosing the appropriate upper and lower mold , the mold after the first load hold mold, mold when first put on the screws positioned a certain position and then into the lower die , must be put in position , and then tighten screws operations.

When 3 . Put artifacts back to the oil pump shut tight screws , plates move handle until after the work is completed loosen the screws back to the oil , such as a thin sheet metal punch sure to return material pad into the middle strippers tripod and the workpiece, otherwise, the work will be stuck in the mold