Welcome to Sony Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory, a company set design, development, production and sales of hydraulic tools business.
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Sony to Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory
Address:Jungang Industrial Area, Chumen, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang China
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    Sony to Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory is a set design, development, production and sales of hydraulic tools business. The company is located in the beautiful town of Salmonella Industrial Park , Yuhuan County , the park developed transport facilities available.
    Wide range of products mainly including : 1. Multifunction machine bus series ( triple, quadruple , Observing ) 2. Pressure hydraulic electric pump , hand pump , foot pump , fuel pump series .3 hydraulic punching machine series .4 .5 hydraulic bending machine , hydraulic cutting row machine .6 hydraulic crimping machine series 7. opening series 8. bender 9 bus embossing machine . 10 a variety of copper and aluminum terminal crimping pliers .11 .12 cable scissors , hydraulic Rama .13 jack 14. angle Cutting Machine 15 . nuts, flange splitters .16 . various fittings such as a series of hydraulic tools . Products and services in electric power, communication , transportation , mining, metallurgy , petrochemical , shipping and other industries.
    For the development of high-quality hydraulic tools, continue to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad , the company invested heavily in new plant , the purchase of CNC machine tools , machining centers, CNC vertical quenching machines and other advanced equipment. Job -class R & D personnel , the establishment of a high-quality team .
    In product manufacturing processes , in strict accordance with the process card processing and testing . While enterprises in the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification , making enterprise management level and product quality has been improved.
    We always adhere to the " quality first , users first " business principles , the introduction of Europe, America, Japan and other countries of advanced technology , people-oriented , innovation, has introduced high -quality , high-tech products, won the user's favorite. We always adhere to the "customer satisfaction" for the purpose of the Internet as a platform to create " Sony to " Tools brand, sincerely welcome new and old customers letter calls business negotiations