Yuhuan Taichuang Hydraulic Tools Factory
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Hydraulic punching machine 
Hydraulic bending machine 
Hydraulic cutting machine scheduling 
Multi-bus processing machine 
Ping Li bending machine (Combo) 
Hydraulic crimping machine 
Angle Cutting Machine 
Hydraulic pump 
— Gasoline engine high pressure pump 
— Electric hydraulic pump 
— Hydraulic hand pump 
— Hydraulic Foot Pump 
— High-power pump 
Hydraulic crimping tool 
— Overall crimping pliers 
— Crimping machine 
— Split hydraulic crimping pliers 
Hydraulic opening device 
Bus embossing machine 
Hydraulic Rebar Cutter 
Wire rope shears 
Electric Rebar Cutter 
Electric steel bending machine 
Hydraulic Puller 
— Split hydraulic Rama 
— Integral hydraulic Rama 
Hydraulic jacks 
— Ultra-thin hydraulic jacks 
— Multi-section hydraulic jacks 
— RSC short hydraulic jack 
— Long type hydraulic jack 
— Lock nut jack 
— Double-acting hydraulic jack 
— Claw jack 
— Large-tonnage hydraulic jacks 
Hydraulic pipe bender 
Hydraulic nut splitters 
Cable Cutter 
— Split Hydraulic Cable Cutter 
— Integral hydraulic cable cutter 
— Hand Cable Cutter 
Flange separation dilator 
— Flange separator 
— 法兰扩张器 
Punch tool 
Cable pulley 
Tight line card line 
Test pump 
Cable Stripper 
Hydraulic Tools Accessories 
About Us + More
Yuhuan Taichuang Hydraulic Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan,which is on the most energetic golden coastline of southeast coastal area, facing developed port - Wenzhou city, westwards closing to 104 national highway, and is just a short distance away from Huangyan and Wenzhou Airport, the transportation is very convenient on the sea, land and air.
Our factory is specialized in producing input and transformer construction tools, R & D and manufacture hydraulic tools. After years of hard work, we have produced some kinds of high-quality and high-grade new products, which alike by our customers. We are sure to provide our customers with the best service, and wish the businessman from the world to contact and do business with us. We expect to get your cooperation, support and establish a good business relationship and achieve a win-win and common development.
Products + More
CH-50KB red light hydraulic punching machine
CH-100CGS hydraulic double hole punch machine.
CH-80CY hydraulic press
CH-80CG channel hydraulic punching machine
CH-80K hydraulic punching machine
CH-80TY hydraulic pressure hole punching machine
CH-80T angle steel punching machine
CH-80BT hydraulic punching machine
CH-150 hydraulic punching machine.
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